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FALLEN PETALS: The Deception, The Deceit, and The Damned

FALLEN PETALS: The Deception, The Deceit, and The Damned


"Be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever

a man soweth, that shall he also reap . . ."


HARLEM HOLIDAY's much-anticipated debut novel takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the life and mind of 17-year-old Symone Harris, the victim of a violent sexual assault at the hands of a predator -- Detective Jack Fisher, her father's best friend and crooked partner in the New York Police Department.


The story unravels the beginning of Symone's dark, life-changing secret; the brutal assault and subsequent pregnancy. The rape, at the hands of a man she'd thought of as family, turns her life upside down. The embarrassment and guilt Symone feels lowers her self-esteem and sense of self-worth, sending her into a tailspin of bad choices.


When Symone goes to extremes to conceal the truth from her family and friends, it has a domino effect. As she spins a web of lies, trying to bury her dreadful secret of the rape and pregnancy, she is pulled deeper into deception as everything spirals out of control. Ultimately Symone's deceit causes heartbreak and suffering and destroys the lives of everyone she loves, one by one.


Symone must find the courage to tell the truth and stop Fisher from hurting anyone else and destroying her family, or she risks losing everything. But will she do it before it's too late?

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